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Berkeley Heights, a township located in Union County, has been honored for being one of the most exceptional places to settle in the US. It has been cited for its outstanding schools and great quality of life by major media outlets like CNN Money Magazine.

Indeed, the six-square-mile community of more than 13,000 residents promises beautiful homes in diverse architectural styles, high-ranking schools, numerous open spaces, and easy access to the New York metro via I-78 and the New Jersey Transit.

The township bridges a rich history and a promising future. It was home to saw and paper mills and sarsaparilla (drink) manufacturers in the 19th century and the birthplace of scientific breakthroughs such as the transistor, solar cell, and laser technologies in the 20th century. Today, Berkeley Heights cultivates a prolific and enterprising community spirit among its residents.


Berkeley Heights’s popularity has not escaped the attention of the business community. In addition to a healthy local small businesses community, some larger-scale companies have made this township their home and provide residents with high-profile employment opportunities. Companies that have chosen Berkeley Heights for their headquarters include the biggest players in the cosmetics, telecommunications, and research and development industries.


The schools in Berkeley Heights count among residents’ favorite features. Governor Livingston High School is part of the Berkeley Heights Public Schools district, which boasts an exceptional 12.42:1 student-teacher ratio. The high school’s total student population includes enrollees from neighboring Mountainside Borough. It also offers programs for students who are cognitively impaired, hard of hearing, or deaf.

Points of interest

  • Columbia Park
    The largest and best known public facility in the borough is a favorite destination for its well-maintained tennis and basketball courts and baseball fields. Kids are treated to the park’s large and colorful playgrounds.


  • Watchung Reservation
    This nature reserve is the largest of its kind in Union County. It’s a great place to enjoy horseback riding, hiking, canoeing and fishing, and picnicking. The reserve is also home to the Deserted Village of Feltville, a historic district of 18th-century buildings where only three families remain as permanent residents.

Single Family Homes for Sale in NJ

Properties in Berkeley Heights are an eclectic mix of architectural styles that have emerged, evolved, and endured throughout history. There’s something for everyone in this quiet, semi-rural locale.

Residential styles here begin with a range of condominium and townhouse complexes. Single-family homes come in a variety of architectural styles including vintage Colonials, Ranch, expanded Cape Cods, and split-level. You can also look into the Cinnamon Ridge neighborhood to find more recently constructed brick Colonials.

Long-term homeowners’ desire to stay in the township has contributed to distinctively varied streetscapes. Instead of moving out of town, residents are opting to upgrade or extend their homes.

Free Acres, a unique community in Berkeley Heights, features houses that are not owned but leased. Residents are actively involved in governing themselves and keeping their community rural, sharing a strong interest in the preservation of the locale’s natural heritage.

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