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Tips before Listing

Tips Before Putting Your Home On The Market

1 >>> Construction Permits: Check with your town hall and make sure that any construction permits have been closed out. Inquire even if you haven’t taken any out, the previous owners may have.

2 >>> Underground Oil Tanks: If you don’t have proof that an oil tank has been removed on your property, have a tank sweep done (I can help with recommendations). If you have record of a tank having been decommissioned, be aware that most local buyer’s attorneys are asking for them to come out anyway because there is an argument that unless the tank is removed, you can’t test the soil beneath it. Now I’m not an expert, but I’m only making you aware of what will most likely come up so, you may want to be proactive and take it out ahead of time. Buyers just don’t want the liability.

3 >>> Pre-Home Inspections: For homes that haven’t been updated in several years or need a lot of work, have a home inspection done by a reputable home inspector prior to putting the house on the market and provide to buyers as an attachment to the seller disclosure. Either fix anything major, and state that in the seller disclosure, or sell the house in as-is condition. This will avoid buyers re-negotiations. Even if your house has been updated, but you haven’t had an inspection done in several years, it’s not a bad idea to have a pre-listing home inspection that you attach as part of the seller disclosure. This way you have the option of fixing issues ahead of time, and all other issues will have been disclosed. Surprise free inspections are a good thing!

4 >>> Check Your Mortgage Balances: If there is a possibility that your home’s value is less than your mortgage balance, and you don’t have the funds to make up the difference, we can guide you through the process and help you with your options. Same if you are behind in your payments. Foreclosure should be your LAST resort. Short Sales are a better way to go! Please keep in mind that Home equity lines of credit count.

5 >>> Call before you start fixing: Before you start investing money fixing your house up for sale, consult with a Realtor. For example, last week I was called out on a listing and the homeowner had just spent $8,000 updating her bathroom. However in one minute, I knew that the property was worth more than the house and that it would most likely be a tear down grabbed up by a builder. She basically threw that $8,000 away.