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Staging bathrooms for function

“Kitchens and baths” … that’s the expression used by real estate folks to indicate the areas of a home that carry the most resale value. Kitchens and baths. We already talked about staging your kitchen. But what about those bathrooms? How do you carry your home staging efforts in there?

I can sum up your bathroom plan-of-attack with two simple words — cleaning and updating. If you remember, “clean and bright” was our motto for staging the kitchen area. That same motto applies to the bathrooms. Bathrooms should be sparkling clean and well-lit (but not overly bright).

If you add “luxurious” onto that motto, you’ll score extra points with home buyers. Clean, bright and luxurious. Those are the keys to staging a bathroom.

Here are some specific tips for carrying your home-staging efforts into the bathrooms of your house.

  • If your bathroom fixtures (handles, spigots, etc.) are outdated, replace them with sleek & modern fixtures. Stay away from brass fixtures.
  • Put some high-quality plush towels on the towel rack. Color-coordinate them with the bathroom’s color scheme (matching them to the rug, flower arrangement, etc.).
  • Fresh flower arrangements do a lot for a bathroom, both in appearance and aroma.
  • Before showing the home, clean those bathrooms until they look like they’re in a model home. Signs of use, such as soap scum and recently used sinks, will turn buyers off.
  • Glass shower door a little gross? Remove it and take it outside for cleaning. Use a solution of one part muriatic acid to 10 parts water (wear goggles when mixing). Scrub it with steel wool, rinse it clean, and replace the door.
  • If you have the budget and you really want to increase your home’s appeal, consider installing a pedestal sink. They are very popular with buyers right now, and they make the bathroom seem larger by freeing up space.

Remember, when potential buyers tour your home their agents will probably be whispering “kitchens and baths” in their ears. So when staging your home to sell put some extra effort into those bathrooms. Your motto is clean, bright and luxurious. – See more at: