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Stage those bedrooms for comfort

When potential buyers enter the bedrooms of your home, they want to see one thing about all else … comfort. Bedrooms do not have appliances or fixtures. Not usually, anyway. So home staging in a bedroom usually consists of painting, furniture arrangement and some light decor.

Think “neutral, comfortable and spacious” when you stage your bedrooms for buyers. Keep those words in mind during your staging process, and you will be in good shape.

Here are some specific home staging tips for the bedrooms.

  • Use soft, neutral colors with paints and color schemes. Earth tones are always a safe color that will appeal to the majority.
  • Make bedrooms appear larger by limiting furniture to a bed, dresser and a couple of small items. Too much furniture makes a bedroom seem cramped.
  • Remove the bulk of your clothes from closets and pack them away in storage. You will have to pack them soon anyway, and doing it early will make your closets appear larger.
  • Invest in some new and luxurious bedding (comforter, sheets, accent pillows). You can take them with you when you move, and they will improve the look of the current bedrooms while it’s on the market.
  • Remove personal items such as photos. Remember, you want buyers to see themselves in the home … not you and your family.

Remember, your motto when staging those bedrooms — neutral, comfortable and spacious. Open up the room be reducing the amount of furniture items. Neutralize the overall color scheme and add a little bit of “controlled color” with accessories like pillows. Update your bedding if needed. Make your bedrooms relaxing and tranquil.