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  • Foreclosure Basics For Home Buyers

    You’ve probably seen or heard of foreclosure listings when searching for a new home and wondered if it’s a smart choice for you. While they can often offer significantly discounted prices, there are some important considerations and risks to be aware of. What Is A Foreclosure? When a property owner is unable to pay their […]
  • Real Estate Business App Benefits

    It’s time to put the power of a business app for real estate in your pocket. Until recently, if you wanted to use your mobile devices to access your iHomefinder account to check in on lead activity, add a new lead, or contact a lead, you had to log in to your IDX Control Panel […]
  • Grow Your Real Estate Website Design Business

    Are you an experienced website designer looking for ways to grow your business in real estate website design? If you completed some projects for real estate professionals, you probably realize you could produce more websites if you had ways to automate some of the website setup and features needed for your clients’ websites. While some […]
  • Real Estate CRM Basics

    What Is A CRM? CRM stands for customer relationship management and is used to describe a category of tools used by businesses to manage interaction with current and potential customers. There are many types of CRMs but they generally share the same common goals to benefit any kind of business: Improve relationships with clients and […]
  • Real Estate Appraisal Guide

    Appraisals are an important part of real estate transactions, whether buying or selling, and can make or break a deal. Yet there can be a lot of mystery and confusion around them, particularly among buyers and sellers who aren’t familiar with the process. Common Real Estate Appraisal Questions Have you had questions about the appraisal […]
  • How To Close More Business With MarketBoost

    If you’re like most agents, you don’t have a lot of time to research and deliver a steady stream of personalized market information to every one of your leads and clients. And you’re probably looking for ways to position yourself online as a local expert to attract new clients. Our webinar walks you through how […]
  • Millennial Real Estate Facts And Tips

    Millennials now number about 83M or over a quarter of the nation’s population and they’re predicted to become the nation’s largest population in 2019, overtaking Baby Boomers. They’re also the largest generation in the workforce with the oldest members of this generation approaching 40. This is the beginning of a demographic trend that has some […]
  • Starting A Successful Bathroom Remodel

    Are you thinking about taking on a bathroom remodel? If you’re feeling a little intimidated or confused about the process, here are some thoughts to help you get started and feeling more comfortable. Always Start With A Budget You can easily spend $30,000 or more on a bathroom remodel given the range of possibilities with […]
  • Real Estate Website Design With WordPress

    WordPress provides web designers with a powerful website building tool that powers 34% of all websites on the internet. This article provides an introduction to the WordPress fundamentals you’ll work with when creating a real estate website design with WordPress. If you’re considering working with other website platforms, make sure you check out our article […]
  • Fall Clean Up And Winterizing Checklist

    Have you felt that familiar change in the air and maybe noticed some leaves turning? You might also be wondering if you’re forgetting some fall clean up and winterizing chores you should be taking care of before the winter sets in. There are plenty of things to check out and address to save yourself problems […]