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Closing Costs

Legal Fees and Title Costs
Attorney Fee
$1,000 to 1,500
Survey (Condo $150 to $250)
$450 to $800
Recording Fees with Mortgage & Deed
$200 to $300
Title Insurance Premium – (ontain from lender or attorney)
Mortgage Costs
Application Fee (Includes Credit Report)
$300 to $600
$400 to $600
Miscellaneous Mortgage Costs (Varies, ask your lender)
$100 to $600
PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)
(obtain from lender)
(obtain from lender)
(Fee paid to lender to “buy-down” interest rate on mortgage)
(One point = 1% of mortgage, i.e. – 1 point ona $500,000 mortgage equals $5,000)
Inspection Costs
Home Inspection
$300 to $650
Radon Inspection/Wood Destroying Insect
$120 to $300
Septic Inspection (if applicable)
$750 to $1,000
Oil Tank Inspection (if applicable)
$395 to $500
Other Inspections
(if applicable)
Asbestos, Chimney and Mold
(costs vary)
Additional Fees
Homeowner’s Insurance (1 year prepaid)
Obtain from Insurance Company
Two Months Escrow Homeowner’s Insurance
Escrow for property taxes up to 3 months