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6 Modern Kitchen Designs for The Heart of Your Home

There is a reason that the kitchen has developed a reputation as the center of your home – it is! This is where life takes place, where food is prepared, conversations had, and memories made. Why not make it a fashionable place for all this to occur?

In this spirit, we present six modern kitchen designs to make the heart of your home sing!

Design Number One: Vibrant Colors, Bold Themes

Ask House Beautiful – they’ll tell you what’s up. “The use of color in the kitchen is extremely important and should reflect homeowners’ personalities and their interests,” Stephen Garland and Matt Prall of kitchen design firm Papilio told the venerable publication. “For instance, a space for cooking should be light and bright, while spaces designed for entertaining could have a darker essence to provide a suitable ambiance.”

Design Number Two: Island Living

Kitchen islands are continuing their reign, according to the experts at kitchen purveyor Kitchens International. House Beautiful reports that larger kitchens are even installing dual islands, most with breakfast-bar seating or banquet seating attached to the island to bring dining activities into the kitchen area. You can also use this configuration for storage as well as food preparation – just add a small sink and everyone can participate!

Design Number Three: Shelving as the Secret

Have great knick-knacks you’d like to show off? Pretty dishware that deserves better than darkness? Open shelving is the key. You can also add cute plants – try a succulent, for example – to bring nature into the indoors. Open shelving is a good way to get maximum storage in areas with less space, according to Kitchens International. The firm told House Beautiful: “Open shelving with internal lighting produces a more living-room feel and look to the kitchen and is becoming increasingly popular on islands.”

Design Number Four: Layered Lighting

Think of your lighting design in terms of layers and you’re already on the right track – particularly if you have pendants in mind. According to House Beautiful, the traditional three-pendant line remains particularly hot. “Pendants can work really well as task lighting,” Simon Wallis-Smith, director of lighting specialist Fritz Fryer, told the publication, recommending that the pendants be complemented with LED strips on the underside of cupboards to illuminate work surfaces.

Design Number Five: Getting Brassy with It

A hot item from last year remains popular into 2018 – today, brass is being paired with warm colors and making a statement in the heart of the house. Striking focal points can easily be made by using brass doors, ovens, door handles, sinks, and of course the classic taps and sinks. Try mixing metals for a particularly striking look.

Design Number Six: Life with Living Walls

This year’s hit item is living walls, with botanicals bringing years of popularity into today’s scene. Feature walls made of moss are particularly hot – take for example the MOSSwall®, which comes in a range of colors and offers the appearance of a natural-moss wall. This simple yet striking concept also amps up your acoustic absorption in the kitchen, adding to the peaceful environment.

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