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3 New Technologies That Can Help Sell Your Home

3 New Technologies

Getting your home prepared for sale doesn’t necessarily just mean a coat of fresh paint or some savvy staging techniques. While these can be quite effective in selling your house, sometimes a home sale needs that extra push. That’s where out-of-the-box thinking comes into play.

When I set out to sell your home, I consider all avenues that will bring you not only the most competitive price, but also the best bid for your individual needs. One of these avenues is modern technology, which can be extremely effective when it comes to changing that yard sign from FOR SALE to SOLD.

Here are three current technologies that you might consider when we work together to sell your home. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me – I want to hear what you think!

Technology Number One: Smart Locks

Experts in the field agree: if you’re going to deploy a single technology to get your home sold, make it a smart lock. A smart lock is less about safety than it is about control – your trusty old deadbolt is likely to keep out the bad guys, but can you manipulate it from afar? Here’s where the technology really kicks in. A few things you can do with a smart lock:

  • Check your lock status remotely – no more worrying whether you locked up
  • Open your door without having to rummage around for your keys – a real bonus when you’re juggling the baby, groceries, and the mail all at once
  • Give digital keys to others who need to get in, such as family, houseguests, or contractors.

Technology Number Two: Sound Systems

If music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, think what it might do when it comes to a potential buyer. Soothing, inspiring, even euphoria inducing – sound is a major component of the senses. A few buying tips:

  • Do your homework –you don’t necessarily need the biggest or best, just the one that’s right for your needs
  • Speakers are key to a good experience – if you want to put money somewhere, let it be there
  • If you’ve got the cash to spare, try integrating the sound system into a single-port monitoring system for best effect

Technology Number Three: Virtual Home Staging

Here’s one way you can not only get around the cost of in-person staging but allow your potential buyer to use his or her imagination. With the click of a mouse, a user can overlay his or her own ideas upon photos of your vacant home. A few advantages of virtual staging are:

  • The power to see the home with a variety of different colors and configurations
  • The ability to mix virtual staging with real staging if that is more helpful to both seller and potential buyer
  • The ease of integrating current technology with the classic issue of home staging and, looking at the larger picture, the task of selling your home.

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