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10 of the Fastest-Growing Places in New Jersey

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If you’re searching for an exciting place to call home, look no further than colorful New Jersey! Its cities and suburbs, townships and boroughs are known to be among the fastest-growing in the United States.

See what each of these New Jersey towns and cities can offer:

  1. Secaucus – The Jewel of New Jersey’s Meadowlands

    Secaucus is a suburban community located just five miles from Times Square in Manhattan. Its population grew by 24.3% from 16,260 in 2010 to 20,215 in July 2017. Several major corporate headquarters and a distribution center for Northern New Jersey and Manhattan fuel its economy. The presence of the distribution center resulted in another booming business in Secaucus – warehouse outlets.

  2. Hoboken – The Mile Square City

    Hoboken is a city with a rich heritage, an active music scene, and special amenities that make it an ideal place to move to. US Census Bureau stats show a 10.2% increase in its population, from 50,006 in 2010 to 55,131 in 2017.

    Hoboken is famous for being the birthplace of legendary crooner, Frank Sinatra. It is also home to the Hoboken Terminal, a major transportation hub serving New York City and the rest of the region. Thanks to its attractions and conveniences, Hoboken took the top spot in’s 2018 Best Places for Millennials in New Jersey.

  3. Edgewater – A riverside borough

    The promise of peaceful waterfront living in Edgewater is a big draw for those who desire to live near the water but not far from city conveniences. Thriving communities dot the Hudson River banks, with many homes boasting spectacular views.

    Edgewater has seen a 7.4% uptick in its population in less than a decade from 11,516 in 2010 to 12,368 in 2017. This growth can be attributed in part to its proximity to New York, which is just around 11 miles away.

  4. Raritan – A borough with highly rated schools, an active nightlife

    Raritan in Somerset County is great for raising a family. Your children will be attending highly rated schools under the Raritan Regional School District.

    Residents take on a healthy lifestyle and enjoy what Raritan can offer, from outdoor activities to an active nightlife. This is why many young professionals prefer living in Raritan. They are what constitute a 2017 population of 8,011 – a 16.4% rise from 2010’s 6,882.

  5. Harrison – A town with a youthful vibe

    The town of Harrison in Hudson County occupies just 1.31 square miles, with a steadily growing population consisting mostly of young people. From 13,551 in 2010, Harrison’s population has grown by over 30% to 17,643 in 2017. There are many apartment complexes in the area where students from nearby universities live. The town is also only 16.5 miles from The Big Apple – a big advantage for residents who work in the city.

    Harrison is the fifth best place to live in Hudson County, according to because of its youthful vibe and urban feel.

  6. West New York – A town with future-ready schools

    The origin of West New York’s name is quite self-explanatory, being a suburb in the New Jersey Palisades located west of New York City. Around 80% of residences here are mostly apartments while the remaining 20% are single-family homes. The population here grew up by 9.1% to 54,227 in 2017 from 49,708 in 2010.

    West New York’s school district is considered high-performing by the state of New Jersey. Schools under this district have been declared future-ready by the state’s Department of Education.

  7. Montvale – A borough with thriving economic opportunities

    Montvale is one of 26 boroughs established in Bergen County in 1894. Since that time, it has grown in population size and economic opportunities. In 2017, Montvale’s population was 8,724 – an 11.2% increase from 2010’s 7,844. The thriving industries here are in healthcare and social assistance (15.4%); professional, scientific, and technological services (13.4%); and manufacturing (12.4%).

  8. Jersey City – Culturally diverse boom town

    Jersey City has some of the most spectacular waterfront views, especially in its eastern portion which faces the Hudson River. From Liberty State Park, one has a clear view of Manhattan’s skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

    The city saw a 9.3% rise in population , from 247,597 in 2010 to 270,753 in 2017. It has an efficient transportation system, making it easy to get to New York City, which is four miles away. Jersey City hosts booming industries in finance and tech services and is known to be a culturally diverse.

  9. Palisades Park – Home to Koreatown and well-known universities

    Palisades Park is another New Jersey borough with an economy fueled primarily on industries related to retail, tech services, and healthcare. From 19,622 in 2010, the population of Palisades Park has grown by 7% to 20,988 in 2017.

    Palisades Park is home to Koreatown, a center for Korean culture in New Jersey. It is also close to well-known universities like New York University and Columbia University.

  10. Rahway – Diverse and affordable

    Rahway City in Union County has seen a population growth of 10.2% between 2010 and 2017 from 27,346 to 30,131. It’s home to diverse peoples and has more affordable housing options. The Union County Performing Arts Center, the venue for the annual Rahway International Film Festival, is found here. Rahway is just 24 miles away from New York City.

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